Vertical Farming: The Farm of the Future

The world’s population is continually increasing. Even if other countries try to educate each community about family planning, the population don’t stop growing. Because of this reason, there is a need to establish more buildings and houses. And this has a consequence. The agricultural land is becoming smaller. But the government in each country is thinking continually of the possible solutions regarding this matter. And one of the proposals is called “vertical farming”. There are even buildings which were abandoned known as an agricultural oasis.

Different kinds of leafy greens grow in large numbers through this type of farming. These leafy greens are sold to local supermarkets and restaurants. Actually, the so-called agricultural oasis is an AeroFarm. This farm can be found in Newark, New Jersey. With the help of the new technology, AeroFarms can fulfill its mission and that is to build farms in cities all over the world so that people can have access to fresh and highly nutritious food. Even with just a 30,000 square foot space, an AeroFarm can be built. Click and see over this agency to help you. You can easily get your us citizen china visa. This is so wonderful company to visit in.

The technology used in AeroFarms is aeroponic technology. So basically, this type of farming is done indoors wherein the roots of the plants are seated in water and one tries to oxygenate the water. The company uses the root misting system that allows the farmers to use about 95% less water compared to that of a regular vegetable garden or farm. Pesticides or herbicides are not being used. And instead of soil, the plants are grown in reusable cloth made from recycled plastic. See this agency more for your travel experience. Look at this link 台胞證申請. More service will bee given to you.