Agriculture vs Horticulture

It is good to understand about agriculture and horticulture especially the difference between these two. In general, horticulture is a branch or subdivision of agriculture. It deals with plant gardening and you can easily relate these two because the techniques used are usually being interchanged. There are agricultural processes wherein many horticulture methods are employed. Special techniques and methods that are applied in horticulture includes the cultivation of plants and methods for good soil condition. Horticulture also has a domain which includes production of crops.

Biochemistry, cultivation, breeding of plants, and plant physiology are also included in the domain. There are many different plants to be seen around not just in the forest. Plants such as vegetables, flowers, shrubs, fruits, and trees are some of the plants that are being looked at by horticulturists. They also do extensive research for quality crops, the improvement of plants’ nutritional value, resistant, and more. Agriculture deals with large scale gardening which is the opposite of horticulture. Understand that horticulture strictly involves plant cultivation.

And for agriculture, it deals with cultivation of crops as well as animal farming. Moreover, horticulture may include plants that are not for human consumption while agriculture mainly focuses on crops for human consumption. Also, horticulture is done on smaller, enclosed plots while agriculture is done on extensive pieces of land on large scale. It is actually easy to know the difference between agriculture and horticulture. Though the methods are usually interchanged, you can still know if a person is doing agriculture or horticulture.