Horticulture and Art

Horticulture is said to be an art form. As a branch of agriculture, it deals with science, technology, business as well as the art of growing plants including flowers, fruits, and vegetables. Horticulture and gardening actually are a combination of agriculture, environmental design, botany, and applied arts. In other words, there is a close relationship between horticulture and arts. Since horticulture is one of the agricultural disciplines, it only means that it has an aesthetic component wherein it has two approaches that will be mentioned and to be discussed.

One of the approach is that it is “an art in horticulture” wherein plants are directly used as pleasing visual objects. Another approach is “horticulture in art”. In this approach, objects in horticulture are used as a basic component of artistic expression. Horticulturists can also be said to be artists. This is simply because they also apply arts while doing their job. They also do designing such as floral designing or floral arts and landscape designing, architecture and garden designing. They regard plants as beautiful objects.

Horticulture is included in arts because of the manifestations of visual arts such as drawings, paintings, embroidery, and more. As you can see around, there are many different patterns of plants which includes fruits, vegetables, and flowers. These are being used as themes in artistic expression. This is true when you see the patterns in some floor textiles, window glasses,  and even on the ceiling. Pottery, mosaics, sculptures, tapestry, silverware, and ceramics too use plants as a pattern.